EMS is committed to its customers in developing, training, and providing up-to-date medical based education and consultation to ensure relevant subject matter expertise in science, medicine, public health as well as knowledge and wisdom management. Staying on the cutting-edge of emerging innovative technology and information provides the basis for EMS to ensure effective and fiscally resourceful contract management, responsiveness to the client, and timely deliverables.

EMS will cooperate with partnering organizations in supporting the global public health mission of biovigilance by utilizing evidence-based medicine for identifying risk factors for disease, and introducing innovative treatment approaches to clinical practice and for preventative medicine.

On the forefront of predictive and restorative medicine, EMS provides the scientific and medical expertise in areas such as:

  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Evaluating new technologies
  • Conducting health and capability assessments toward sound clinical approaches
  • Performing laboratory and field-based tests
  • Surveillance Modeling
  • Strategic change management planning
  • Alternate methodology research
  • Integrating genetic, epigenetic, and proteomic function into the regulation of health and illness
  • Supporting the transition and integration of medical advancements into the medical community, hospital laboratory, point-of-care clinics, and medical treatment facilities 
  • Offering support to healthcare providers valuing patient-centric healthcare, enabling patients to take an active role in maintaining optimum health
  • Technology transfer through the application of the researcher, into the hands of the end-user.
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