Chronic Diseases & Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is the process of restoring, replacing or engineering human cells to restore tissues to their normal function. Regenerative medicine avoids the immune responses associated with conventional medical technology by using the patient’s own cells rather than artificial or natural materials that may be unfamiliar to the body.

RegMed Contract to Support US Air Force

EMS has been providing senior scientists and biomedical engineers that lead Trauma and Clinical Care Research (TCCR) for the US Air Force Trauma and Resuscitation Research Program (AFT2R). EMS manages animal and live tissue studies in the fields of hemorrhage, resuscitation, endovascular technologies, extra-corporeal life support, and molecular biology.  This program is leading to novel treatments that can greatly enhance the generation of new tissue needed for wounds derived in battlefield combat.

Stem Cell Technology

The use of stem cells in regenerative medicine is leading to advancements in burn and wound treatments and increase cell growth speed to treatment of spinal cord injuries and neuro-degenerative disorders.

“Regenerative cell therapy” which involves the use of stem cells to restore healthy organ and tissue function—represents one of the most promising areas for the next generation of groundbreaking treatments. The REGROW Act—which aligns with recommendations included in Bipartisan Policy Center’s recent report—Advancing Regenerative Cellular Therapy: Medical Innovation for Healthier Americans—modernizes FDA’s current regulatory approach toward safe and effective cell therapies, while protecting approval pathways under sections 351 and 361 of the Public Health Service Act.

EMS has partnered with CFD Research Corporation in a DoD funded project to further develop CFDRC’s Integrated Stem Cell Impedance Analyzer (iSCIA). This novel medical diagnostic device can directly detect the differentiation state of a mixed population of stem cells in a non-invasive manner and result in a purified stream of differentiated cells that can then be used therapeutically in a clinical setting at a higher yield and lower cost.

Stem Cell Industry Partners and Advocacy

EMS is a proud supporter of regenerative medicine and ethical stem cell research through its membership in the Genetics Policy Institute and Regenerative Medicine Foundation. Additionally, EMS has been a proud sponsor of the World Stem Cell Summit since 2014.

Chronic Diseases

Know: BRCA Contract

One of our most exciting contracts of 2015 is the Know:BRCA online tool developed by the Oak Ridge Associated Universities to support the CDC’s Division of Cancer Prevention and Control and Bright Pink. The tool helps young women determine whether they are at risk for BRCA1/BRCA2 mutations. These mutations may lead to an increased risk of breast or ovarian cancers. Because they are hereditary, the individual’s family history is a powerful indicator. A user will fill out their family history within the HIPAA certified system and receive a result indicating whether they should seek further testing with a genetic counselor.


EMS continues to work with ORAU to test Know: BRCA’s impact and efficiency in preventing breast cancer and provide maintenance and continued development of the program. View more.

Behavioral Health

EMS provides senior management to U.S. Army’s Medical Command (MEDCOM) Behavior Health Service Line (BHSL) under the Office of the Surgeon General’s Behavioral Health Division (BHD) to implement a standardized system of care to identify, prevent, treat and track behavioral health (BH) issues affecting soldiers and beneficiaries.

G-3/5/7 and the Integrated Disability Evaluation System Army Medical Command

EMS currently provides strategic, operational and tactical analysis, planning, programming, and implementation of solutions support to the US Army’s Medical Command G-3/5/7 and the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) Service Line (SL). This contract also supports the Medical Evaluation Board Tracking Office (MEBTO) and G-37, Medical Readiness Division and the execution of the Medically Not Ready Line of Effort (LOE). The MEDCOM IDES SL is responsible for a coordinated, synchronized and integrated comprehensive program to support the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN), the medical readiness of the Army with specific focus on medical board process timing, timeliness, capability and capacity expansion, policy development, training, etc., in consultation and coordination with the U.S. Army G-1, Disability Evaluation System (DES) program and the Veterans Administration.

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  • Behavioral Health
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