As of yesterday, Guinea has passed their 90-day period of enhanced Ebola surveillance. This period follows Guinea being declared Ebola free after 42 days have passed since the last positive test for Ebola. Liberia has also passed its surveillance period after being declared Ebola free in September 2015.

Sierra Leone, the last of the three West African countries to suffer major consequences from the outbreak, was declared Ebola free on March 17th. If no new cases are discovered during this period, the outbreak will officially be at an end. The World Health Organization is working to complete their phase 3 response framework by implementing enhanced surveillance systems in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. This framework will enable healthcare workers and the public to report future deaths or symptoms that may be Ebola-related.

EMS has been proud to support the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in their intervention during the Ebola outbreak both at home and in West Africa. We are happy to see that the issue has been resolved and that systems are being put in place to keep this from happening again. It will soon be time for the world to breathe a collective sigh of relief – but we will always be vigilant. The numerous outbreaks in recent years have shown that infectious diseases continue to be a threat to humanity, and this threat will only continue to grow as urbanization continues to produce large and dense populations.

More information about the current Ebola situation can be found at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.


Even Skjervold
Program Manager for Biomedical Engineering
Eagle Medical Services, LLC

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